NW.js issue with C2 project imported to C3...Blank Window

Post » Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:48 am

Gonna try this here......

So i imported a project that I originally built in C2 into C3. Runs great without any issues in the preview popup and browser tab (aside from the weird setcolor thing but no biggie). But when i exported it to NW.js and run it from the desktop, i just get a blank window and nothing loads at all. I've tried different configurations - win32/win64, compress assets, re-sizable windows, ignore CPU blacklists, different versions of NW.js and still nothing. I've even tried this on the Mac and still got the same blank window on it too.

Before I attempt to rebuild everything again directly on C3 (which i really don't want to do..) any ideas of what maybe potentially causing this issue??
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