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Post » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:01 pm

[quote="TheJanMan":feovahwt] I was also thinking, what is more efficient in terms of making some maps, make events to create them at start up or build them in the layout?[/quote:feovahwt]

In my opinion that depends on your game. If your game is going to be really long and have a lot of levels, it might benefit you to take the time to make yourself a level editor. Then you can create your level engine to use just one layout, and load levels from your map files as needed. That might be easier for you to handle than having, say, 100 layouts or whatever.

If you're just going to have a handful of levels then you probably don't need a level editor, and using the layout would probably be easiest.

It's just a matter of what feels right to you I guess.
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Post » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:47 pm

[quote="Ashley":7zmghmuf]I think in C2 we will let you have objects in the object bar with no instances actually placed on a layout.[/quote:7zmghmuf]

About efficiency, I've had to do both. In one case I needed 4 objects to always be together. If you place them individually they might not be at the right position (image point and matching angle) and doing so in the editor is slow and overkill. What I did was use one object (the most visual one) as a placement marker and then on startup destroy the other 3 instances then for each one of the markers destroy it and recreate it at the same spot. Since the other objects were in a container they spawn as well (that saved 3 actions) and then you gotta place each one of them.

So yeah, sometimes you'll have to place them with events. Most of the time, not.
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