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Octobrain Boss — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

OCTOBRAIN!, this fast spreading and dangerous alien must be exterminated, intel says his brainwaves can completly shut down your body, act with extreme caution or extreme violence...

A complete endlevel solution

Create multiple level bosses for your game, each with there own look and behavior, a mindcontrolling alien, ... lots of cool ways to change up controls and trick the player, use cool shaders to make it an unique experience!


  • 9 boss variations
  • animated brainwave with loopsequence
  • multiple round projectiles
  • smaller projectiles
  • lazerbeam regular and stretched
  • boss 31 animated frames / idle animation and more


its mainly a graphic-pack but i wanted some motion, so now includes 31 frames animating different features, with these frames you can create different sequences, completly unique for your character.

Animationsequence: (playing in demo)

frame 3,2,1,0 Ping-pong + Loop "yes" setting = breathing/idle


  • Octobrain last spotted in the research center The Device
  • screenshot backgrounds created with Planet FX2

Have fun! Contact me with any questions you might have

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