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Post » Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:24 pm

Confusion about ticks( on tick event) they dont work

I was under the impression everything in the event sheet fired in an instance, but it almost seems like everytime you put an on tick event it takes another tick later to fire, for example

if i have two on every tick events, i have something change a variable, and in the other tick event il change it back, if you have a text of the variable you will see it change, as if the other tick event was actually firing a tick later, and not on the same tick

but if i change the variable and change it back on the same tick you will not notice

this is very disapointing, as what if i want something firing on a tick, with another condition, but because it is on a different tick it wont fire until another tick later.

so the more every tick events i have the slower the game is going to go, because each tick is actually a tick a part form the last one and not fired in the same tick,
so it then becomes'' on every 4 ticks'' fire event* make sense?

yes, this was a complaint, amung my many complaints =/
just seems like kind of a glitch

hope that made sense
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Post » Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:34 pm

Please post a capx to illustrate.

Also you shouldn't multiply the "on every tick" conditions.
Have one event that will contain all the actions that need to be performed every ticks.

If you want an event to fire in the order of execution (from top of event sheet to bottom of event sheet) every tick, simply make a blank event with no conditions at all.
It is the same in subevents, you don't need to put a on every tick condition, simply have a blank subevent.
It will execute as long as the top level executes.

Also are you using "wait" actions ?
The offset you're talking about sounds like it could be offseted grops of wait actions firing one after the others.

Remember to always post a capx it makes it easier/quicker for the rest of the members to see/experiment what you are talking about.
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