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Post » Sun Aug 28, 2016 1:31 am

So I am dealing with the more advanced stuff that I don't understand. Long story short, I am developing a mobile game and it uses Facebook and Admob together. Cranberrygames plugin works if installed individually but not together and I get a multidex (dependency) build error. I know it's the Android Support V4, but I have no idea how to delete it from the /lib without affecting the build directly.

After installing Facebook4 (Wizcorp) I was able to build successfully, however, I am facing a key-hash error. And I solved that, but now I get a "user logged in as a different facebook user" error and the only solution is to type a sort of command into the main activity that uses the login process.

My question is, how do I (and where exactly) put this to make it work?

public void onError(FacebookException e) {
if (e instanceof FacebookAuthorizationException) {
if (AccessToken.getCurrentAccessToken() != null) {
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