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Post » Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:39 pm

Rhindon wrote:@Colludium - THAT is actually a very good idea. Running faster is running faster!

Yes! I totally agree. I use that technique mostly for traps and puzzles in each section of the game - if the player is somewhere else then the groups of associated code are disabled. To make all of that work, like others have posted, I have event sheets for: E_player, E_effects, E_enemies, E_traps, E_common, E_LayoutX - and most of the group enabling/disabling takes place in E_traps, E_enemies and the event sheet specific to the current layout.

It's the same philosophy for turning off work for other behaviors - but doing that might earn you bigger dividends. For example, I turn off particle objects if they are far away from the player. That lets me add a LOT of particle objects without loading up the cpu by making it have to track thousands of particles that cannot be seen. When I introduced that little trick to umbra during dev of level 2 the cpu utilization went down by 10%! So, depending on what your events do, enabling/disabling groups may not make any discernible difference to a game (but could cause you a bit of pain setting it up) whereas managing off-screen behaviors might be worth giving more attention to (I just do it out of caution so I don't later find I have to go back and try it).

Regarding the code groups - the way I imagine it is that it enables you to block off great swathes of code by setting a single boolean. That boolean will be checked each tick - so each disabled block of code will add a small but relatively insignificant burden to the work the cpu has to do each tick.
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Post » Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:13 am

@glerikud - That sounds about what I do, too, right now. I'm still learning how to refine my own processes. Such as what the best way to group things would be when, for instance, an event would be legitimately put on a player or enemy Event Sheet.
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