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timcs wrote:
Tom wrote:
Other than that from the glimpse of it so far I can only say why just Chrome? I use Opera and Firefox and it does not operate on either of these. Also I updated Chrome on my phone but this only goes to version 56 so I could not run it on that either :(

Thanks for the feedback! Chrome only for now as it's the only browser that supports all the advanced features we're using (nearly) out the box. If you load it in FF or Opera, it will show you what specific features the browser is missing exactly.

We don't see any reason why other browsers wont be able to support it in the future. Hopefully not too distant!


I cannot open it at all in Opera and Firefox so there is no chance of testing at all there. As for my Android phone any reason why it would not open on the latest version ?

I do hope the collision point is looked at soon because this will be a BIG selling point for me to move to C3!


Got the mobile device to work by using the Chrome Beta version now. Still would like to see Construct 3 to have the multiple collisions on a sprite as at the moment I am having to split the sprite up and with help from @99Instances2Go I have got to put the separate parts back together using another sprite to be able to drag them about and add the set to bounds as well as one collision set to a part of the sprite for the interaction of it.

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