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Post » Thu May 25, 2017 11:01 am


Finished our first development sprint and am quite pleased with the results. Of the proposals, I was been able to finalize the goals and put some more improvements. Let's go to each one of them:

- Finish Hellmines boss - I´m finished the dungeon boss and I´m worked in the game balance. The result was very satisfactory

- Game Interface Update - I worked and made some necessary updates, mainly with interactions for when the player has food in small quantity and great loss of warriors on his side.

- I have finished the interface and have already prepared different endings for each situation. We have game endings for: low fame, famine, and loss of warriors.

- Finishing Rathole Dungeon - Finished and with the boss implemented. However, I want to review some game balancing things.

Sprint Bonus

- World Bosses - I started to implement 2 world bosses in the game. One of them I already started to build the boss area. That was something extra I managed to do and it made me happy.

Now let's make the next sprint of fifteen days and proposals for the same. Come on

- World Bosses - Finish and implement the two world bosses.

- Rathole final balance - Finish the game balance to finish the dungeon.

- Hiring orc warriors in the fortresses - Some fortresses will have Orc warriors for hire.

It looks like little but the first and last items will do a good job. It is! Tomorrow we will have a new build!
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Post » Tue May 30, 2017 5:07 pm

Milestnoes? I think Milestones is the correct.
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