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Post » Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:05 pm

Hi everyone!

I have been working on a puzzle prototype, it s a variation of a classic ''miner'' game, where the player dig around to collect some items.

I am going crazy dealing with collisions, in general it seems that i haven't understood anything about it.

Here is the problem

I have a 30x30 brick, which can be destoyed and it's all over around the stage. There is then the character and some, lets call em ''otherbricks''.

When the character is at left of ''otherbrick'' and push A, ''otherbrick'' is moved 30 pixels to the right.

Now, I can do that, but the problem is keep this working in all the possible situations:

1) if there is a 30x30 brick on top of the ''otherbrick'' and the player tries to push ''otherbrick'' it doesn't move.

2) I can solve the above, but in this way when the player push otherbrick, the movement is always allowed, even if at the right there is an object.

Using the ''if overlaping at offset'' how do you indicate the middle of the the left side of the 30x30 brick?

This is not clear to me, i checked everywhere and what i found is not clear to me, please help.
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