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Hi everyone,

I've just about finished my small arcade style app called Bounce Bounce Bear but I've sort of hit a bit of a brick wall when it comes to exporting and publishing. I've been exporting with Intel XDK but am willing to change exporter as long as it is one that is and will continue to be supported by Scirra. I'm hoping to publish as a native app on iOS, Android and Windows. I've got a server which keeps track of all the highscores and won't really need any help with that. I also have about 10-15 alpha testers on different devices who try my games out pretty steadily.

Some of the issues I'm facing are:
- Getting Facebook to work after exporting (logging in, sharing and posting about my game, viewing highscores of only facebook friends)
- Locking into a landscape orientation on phones/tablets
- Optimizing framerates (not doing so bad at the moment but on some older devices the fps seems to drop to about 35-45 which is a bit too low for my game)

If someone is willing to help either through skype chatting or actively updating my code I'd be happy to pay them for their troubles!
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