Particles which rotate according to their trajectory

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Post » Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:33 pm

[quote="Guyon":26i1msr0][quote="Lost my Keys":26i1msr0][quote="Guyon":26i1msr0]

.. just did 3 quick tests with particle illusions and not one did. But that program is a special case. It is just 2d glitz. :lol:[/quote:26i1msr0][/quote:26i1msr0]

Then you're doing it wrong *shrugs*.

@Lost my Keys
No I am not. LOL Particle Illusions is a 2d application it is just pixels that have behaviors and are not affect like the topic suggests.

But other posted examples prove me wrong Especially the Cinema 4D. WOW what a great new feature. I may have to try and get my boss slip that in to the budget. I always wanted to try Cinema 4D.

Bows graciously to all[/quote:26i1msr0]

Actually I was replying to this comment of yours.

[quote="Guyon":26i1msr0]@Lost my Keys
Not the versions of Maya or Max that I have. Partials just spew out. if you add gravity they fall with the head still facing up. And from a lonnng time ago at least old lightwave did not either. Particles do not normally rotate with gravity.[/quote:26i1msr0]

But since you admit you're wrong, no harm done. :)

P.S. particle illusion is far more than "just 2d glitz" too.
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Post » Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:46 pm

I've used Particle Illusions 3 and yes it's there.
In fact, it's pretty much in every design software with particles I've ever used.

Doesn't mean it has to be in here, though :P design software is for offline, not realtime. They also have perfect collision response and they take a lot of time to render.
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