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Post » Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:54 pm

Trying to share a web export (r221) currently hosted in a password protected directory, setup through cpanel.

When the user goes to the url and submits their username and password, the game assets intermittently load while the loading text goes red.
Refreshing several times can eventually load the game, but in the meantime the browser console throws up 100's of 401 authentication errors.
They are all images file calls originating from the runtime.js, e.g.:

Code: Select all
401 (Authorization Required) Error loading image 'http://xxxxxxxxxxx-sheet1.png':  Event {isTrusted: true} GET http://xxxxxxxxxxx-sheet0.png etc. etc.

Is anyone aware of Construct 2 web exports conflicting with password protected directories - should this work ok once the initial authentication has been done?

OR, if this method is a dead end then perhaps somebody could suggest another way to host a password protected game for limited review?

Any leads much appreciated - thanks!
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