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Penalty Shooters — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

The stadium is full, and you can feel the pressure of the crowd while you concentrate. Is it going to be a goal or not? Are you calm and skillful enough to kick your team all the way to the finals? Check out this great, spiced with humor, football game.

How to play? Easy! To shoot, touch and hold the the screen on your device to aim. Release to make a kick. To save - press and hold (your goalie will start moving towards the pointer) and release when you're ready to dive.

Tip 1: Don't shoot always in the same direction - opponent's goalkeeper is smart enough to read it! Just like in real penalty shootouts- stay cool and kick like a real soccer pro!

Product features:

  • Free football fun
  • 256 fantasy soccer teams divided into 8 competitions
  • Humorous team names and newspaper headlines
  • Easy game play - small kids can do it!

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