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Hey! Although it was good practice coming up with those mechanics there is a lot more behind making or even planning a game than just that. Maybe next time you should plan small and see if you can cover everything you imagine. Game physics, mechanics, visuals, story, sound, etc. Just think of a really small game and see if you can plan it out completely. Also start questioning logics in the games you play, why does the game work the way it does and see if you can start planning out and designing the game logic.
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dmg2 hit2 fle1 hp10 hpr1 mp10 mpr1 arm2 move range LEVEL10points1skill +%50 -%50
Okay people we will test the game. Last surviver will win the game. You will fight against OP zombies. You may kill each other or fight against zombies. Map and mobs will be created and be careful about zombie spawners and secret bosses; they can be everywhere. Only i will see the map so you may get lost in the map. I may say to you which direction you are facing but you cant know is it south or west? Bcause you will be in a building so you really dont know directions. Now you are level 1 and weakest zombie is also level 1, spend your 10 points on your 10 different stats. You already have 2dmg 2hit 1move, what will you do with remaining 7 points? Maybe you need hp and hpr. Or maybe you want to boost your felee for acting like a ninja. Or just simply boost your armor, they cant even penetrate it but there is many types of zombies. Also you have a skill point.

In beta we dont have elements or attack styles. Normally we have 12 and 12 of them which one makes 144 combinations. In beta you can use all skills so there is no class or skill tree.

Stat Boost Passive
Many players firstly unlocks one of this skills. If you will make everything equal to each other than dont unlock this skill: You will always have +%50 to one of your attributes and one of your other attribute will be have -%50. Boost highest attribute, decrease lowest attribute.

Dont Recover Boost
By turning all your mpr to mp or all your hpr to hp and increasing permanently your base mp or hp by +%50 you will gain a debuff which one is makes you unable to regnerate naturally by time but makes your health full if you dont move and attack and dont get attacked for continuously 10 turns.

You gain -%50 damage. But you gain damage with percentage of equal to %150 percent of lost health. Which one means if your hp is 0 you will have +%200 (50+150=200) damage but if your hp is full you will have -%50 damage. Players without this passive always have %100 damage. This buff gives you %50 bonus damage by; lowering your damage if it is over %66. So it is OP when you have lower hp than %66. IN BOARD GAME VERSION OF THE GAME YOU HAVE %50 IF YOUR HP MORE THAN %50, AND YOU HAVE %200 WHEN YOUR HP LOWER THAN %50. I changed my mind. It will be %25 to %50. So (100-75=50) (75-50=100) (50-25=150) (25-0=200)

Fully Powered
Reverse version of rage. Bcause of it is giving buff before battle starts it is weaker than rage. It is %150 when hp higher %50, %50 when hp lower than %50. No it will be (100-66or60=150) (66or60-33or40=100) (33or40-0=50)

Your max hp is %90 of your hp instead of %100. When you die you dont die and keep living with %10 of your max hp. For returning to real life you have to consume all of your mana while your mana is full. Its great skill for DPS but in real game it is Ice Titans skill which one is full tank. If you use rebirth, you will have -%100 hpr, -%100 armor and you will have +%100 felee and +%100 hit until you get back to normal by spending all of your max mana.

Aligning RNG Gods!
If you miss 2 hits in a row than you will have +%50 hit bonus next turn. If enemy misses you 2 turns in a row, next turn you have -%50 felee. If many enemies are atacking to you than %66 of them have to be missed you for activating this passive. Buffs stays until situation changes.

Pray for RNG Gods
If enemies hit you 3 times in a row than you will have +%50 felee bonus next turn. If you hit enemies 3 turns in a row, next turn you have -%50 hit. If many enemies are atacking to you than %75 of them have to be hit you for activating this passive. Buffs stays until situation changes.

When you take damage, enemy takes same amount of damage. You permanantly lost %50 of your hp by unlocking this.

Yeah, classic wampirism. You will get healed amount of damage you dealt. Your base damage is permanently halved.

From 7th Dimension
Whenever you deal damage, that damage will be dealt 1 turn later. You have a +%50 bonus damage.

From 8th Dimension
When you take damage you will take it 1 turn later. Enemies have a +%50 bonus damage. This passive gets active when you have less than %50 hp.

Muderer Instincs
Its same thing with Rage passive but based on preys health.

Action Guy
Its same thing with Fully Powered passive but based on victims health.

If enemy misses you this turn, next turn you will have -%50 felee and +%50 damage. For multi enemies more than %50 of them must miss.

It is Safe
If enemy misses you this turn, next turn you will have -%50 felee and +%50 hit. For multi enemies more than %50 of them must miss.

Shaolin Monk
If you hit enemy, next turn you will have -%50 hit and +%50 felee.

What am I doing?
If you hit enemy, next turn you will have -%50 hit and +%50 armor.

If you made a dodge last turn and this turn your armor protected you against damage, you will gain +%100 hit for next turn.

From 6th Dimension
When you consume mana, you gain health equal to %50 of mana you consumed. Your mana is halved permanently.

When you take damage, half of damage taken becomes mana. Your hp is halved permanently.

Soul Sucker
When you deal damage you gain mana equal to damage you dealt. Your damage is halved permanently.

Mana Shield
When you take damage to your hp, damage is halved and you lose mana equal to %150 times of damage. So its basically a kind of mana shield but not worthing it.

When you take damage you gain %33 amount of damage as hp and your hp is halved. Permanently.

When you use mana you gain %33 amount of used mana as mana and your mana is halved. Permanently.

Rusty Mail
If enemy cant penetrate your armor than deal damage to them equal to remaining armor. Your armor is halved. If many enemies dealt damage all of them will take the damage.

Cursed Mail
When your armor gets broken and you take damage, deal damage equal to your armor; to everything dealt damage to you this turn. Your armor is halved. Permanently.

I think there is no anymore possible passive which one will not break balance of game. So weak must get strong, strong must get weak. That gaining health when take damage is OP but its decreasing your max hp to %75 while increasing all healing effects by %200. So this is an OP passive but it is useless if you get oneshoot killed bcause of you lose %25 of your max hp. I am nerfed it to regaining %33 of taken damage, now new total max hp is %66 and healing buff is %200. I also buffed Mana Shield it was %200 instead of %150.
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Post » Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:37 am

I'm ashamed to admit I took this thread seriously :oops:
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Felee was flee, english ist keine mein muttertongue also deutchs is not. Whatever so flee is felee and it is about your dodge rate. I think we did enought post in this forum. Maybe i have to answer questions. There was a damage calculation formule. I have to find it.

Damage Calculation

You have base 100 damage 100 hit, enemy have base 100 flee, 100 armor, 100 hpr.

You are using a skill that adds +%500 damage and +%200 hit, you now have 600 damage and 300 hit.

Your enemy weak against your element you have +%50 bonus damage. Your base damage is 100 its %50 is 50. You will deal plus 50 damage. You will 650 damage. Enemy strong against your attack style. You will have -%50 hit. And your hit will be 300-50=250. You have a passive increasing your hit and damage by +%50. You will deal 700 damage with 300 hit rate. You have a buff giving you +%300 damage and hit. You will deal 1000 damage with 600 hit. In this game damages are random. You will deal a damage between 1 and 1999. Enemy have 100 flee you have 600 hit enemy have a flee rate 1/7. So in each 7 attacks you will hit him 6 times and will miss him 1 time. But things are random so you may always miss or hit, its just about luck. You hit the enemy with 1000 damage. Enemy was have 100 armor and hpr. Your damage decreased by 200, you dealt 800 damage. Enemy has a active passive buff that multiplying his health by 4 (%400 or +%300). That means your damage is divided by 4. 800/4=200 now you will deal 200 damage. Enemy has 100 health it reached 0 health. It is still alive now you will deal damage to his mana. Mana takes 2 times more damage than health that means her mana will take 200 damage instead of 100. It was have 100 mana remaining and its gone, or died. You won. Good for you. So things never get multiplied they will be added to each other. And you have to destroy enemy armor and hpr before dealing damage to enemy. Even their health reaches to 0 you now have to destroy their mana and if you cant it will regain its hp with its hpr and its armor will be refreshed every turn. Armor can be penetrated by multiple enemies its only get refreshed each turn so 100 players attacks to 1 high armored person his armor will be destroyed. Also your attacks may miss the enemy and than they do nothing so your enemy is really okay. Some skills may consume hp or if you have no mana or mpr you able to consume your health instead of mana but they consume double times more than they normally do so hp is not good for using skills and mana is not good for taking damage but they can help to each other.
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Post » Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:56 pm

yuno44907 wrote: I think we did enought post in this forum. Maybe i have to answer questions.

I have one, what do you intend to do with everything you posted and how do you plan on doing it?
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