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Post » Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:51 pm

So I'm undertaking some downsizing for mobile performance issues on my first game. All errors of inexperience I'm assuming.

Currently-Game: 10MB, 30MB "memory use", 274 events

Comentary Welcome.....
So here's a list of what I'll tackle first for performance regain(I've respected many basic performance recommendations already, links below)-

1.)1280x720! Ok, too big.    I'll reduce to 1024X576   Or maybe even 854x480.   
2.) Shrink all the sprites accordingly....e.g. from 256x256 to 64x64 etc...
3.) Reduce some heavy performance elements like rotation, #'s of objects onscreen(with physics etc), Set position/size/etc every tic....

I'll start there.   I'll update How it goes and other things I try. Maybe it will help others in the future.

I read the basics on performance prior to starting my first game...but I should have read more. Here are some links for those with similar issues.


Cool stuff:

Having a blast with C2! Still! And BTW This forum is great because of the experienced dev.s who keep returning to post comentary....I'm not sure how you find the time BUT THANK YOU!!!!!! Thank YOU!

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