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Physics plane template — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Ever wanted to make a game like Learn To Fly? Now you can! With this easy to use template you can start making the game you want now.



  • Basic plane physics
  • A basic upgrade system that betters the plane
  • Shows the traveled distance

Planed updates

All future updates will be free. Will come in the next month

  • Background changing when reached certain distance
  • Basic text showing traveled distance will be changed with a progress bar
  • Coins that will be used for upgrades (for now you can fully upgrade it without cost)
  • Enemies that will slow you down
  • Objects that will give you a boost
  • Boost button to gain extra speed when needed
  • Basic achievements
  • A launcher system
  • Will be taking suggestions that might come in the updates, just keep commenting.

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