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I am working on my first update for my game Critter Hitter!

I have been getting quite a lot of feedback on bugs etc. and have managed to fix a lot of them but there is one that a lot of people find a tad annoying. And that is that if you hit the ball too hard with the bat (physics game), then the physics don't really have enough time to register properly and therefor the ball will glitch, go right through the bat and into defeat.

The only solution I can think of to this is to make it so that the bats collision box is a bit thicker so to register properly, but that may take some of the 'realism' out of it per-say.
If the ball were to collide with the an invisible boundary around the the bat at slower velocities.

Any possible solutions/advice is appreciated.

Max zipstacrack2013-06-01 12:42:04
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