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Post » Tue May 27, 2008 9:08 pm

Ok, so since no one seem to have a solution for my problem as stated in ...


Let me try again to suggest a solution. Its the same old idea. But this time easier to implement.

Is it possible to make an "plug in" object similar to the "array object" ?

Just like the array object it should be possible to set the depth.
Only this array will have only 1 dimension.
And it keeps track off "the picked objects" by storing there UID's.

So lets call it "Pick History"

If i only want the 2 last objects picked to be tracked, i must be able to set the depth to only 2.

and it can be used as follow.

(event) system: always
__(sub event) object "one" with .x 50
__(sub event) object "two" with .x 60
________________________________(action) hinge to "pick history" at entry 1

Also, it would be handy if every "starting" object in the wizard could be converted to an expression.

If you hinge now, u can can convert the "to object" to an expression.
But not the "from object"

And thats the case in all actions.

Plz, take the afford to read trough my bad English.
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