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Post » Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:55 pm

Please fix the picture editor to memorize where it was, and at what zoom level.
It is really the most annoying thing, it is completely unworkable. Every time i have to stretch it because it opens really small, like in the corner of my screen and is like so tiny, like 10 times smaller than my screen, and i have to center it then, and since most graphics are small pixel stuff i have to scroll a lot with my mouse! I have a big screen!!!!

Also the recgtangle select is not very precise, it shows a pixel off or whatever than what it selects.
And the brush with opacity should have an option not to draw over areas that are not at 100% opacity.

I am still importing well to be honest most if not all the graphics but it's silly why the picture editor shouldn't be improved.
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