Pimp Your Rep: Site Secret Edition

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Post » Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:55 pm

I can update this thread as I learn more about the unpublished gamification elements.

Rep for Site Activities

-- All Badges = Current Listed Rep x 2
-- Site Comment = 5 Rep
-- Up or Down-voting Someone Else's Comment = 1 Rep
-- Being Up-voted by Someone Else = +10 Rep (observed 2013/03/23)
-- Being Down-voted by Someone Else = -5 Rep
-- Forum Post = 2 Rep
-- Posting a functional link = 500 Rep
-- Creating a forum signature = 350 Rep
-- Posting a Game = ?
-- Posting a Tutorial = ?
-- Editing a Tutorial = 5 Rep (?)
-- Your Tutorial is Favorited = ?
-- Your Tutorial Receives a Comment = ?

"Streak Badge" Tips and Tricks

Streak Badges: After earning the maximum badge for a chain requiring sequential downloads or visits, you need to skip a day/download to reset. Why do this with the Fanatic badge? Because after you hit 100 days, if you make it another 99 and miss the final day, you receive ZERO rep. To ensure you're credited with as much as possible, it's important after hitting 100 days to skip a day, so you'll be awarded additional badges for Devotee and Dedicated on the way. By skipping Day 101, you ensure 250 Rep (50 for Devotee, 200 for Dedicated) on the way back.

Any time you know for certain you'll be unable to complete a streak, you need to immediately skip a day so you can reset.

EXAMPLE: You're on a 40-day streak, and need 60 more days to earn the Fanatic badge, but learn that in two weeks you have a business trip which will take you out of contact for a day. What do you do? Since you know you can't make it 100 days and won't earn any additional rep or badges until then, you must skip a day within the next four days, because instead of two weeks which don't count for anything, you'll have earned an additional Devotee badge. Likewise, if you have that same business trip in 23 days, you know you can't earn a Dedicated (30-day badge) in that time frame, so you need to interrupt your streak twice, earning two additional Devotee badges.

Post below with comments, corrections, or additions!RandomExile2013-04-01 03:05:58
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Post » Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:14 pm

this is really interesting
ive been looking into how to earn points etc
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