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I am a new pixeler, and only have done 2 sprites I was happy with. (Still, not that good.) I most of the time have no ideas, so thats why I dont have a lot. I will try to give you the best sprites I can, for less than a dollar! If they are more then a dollar, never higher then 2 dollars! Here are the 2 examples, ps. I am best with smaller art, like 64*64 and under!


You can pm me on this website!

SKYPE: Max4343max

PAYPAL AND EMAIL: [email protected]

Blue Bird - 16 by 16

NES Controller - 64 by 64

Toast Man - 32 by 32

Pencil - 32 by 32

Casual Character - 32 by 32

If you want to use those sprites, I give permission. I dont think you'll need the NES Controller, but that was just for my portfolio. I can imagine you needing the blue bird, because you could easily animate it. I will also animate the things I draw, for a extra dollar. :) ... I tend to keep adding images :pquactus2013-07-31 09:38:33
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