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Pixel Golf Template — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

**33% off for the first week! Get it quick!**

Learn how the popular Scirra arcade game Pixel Golf works by learning right from the entire game's code!

Pixel Golf has been a labor of love for about a year and thought it was about time to share it with anyone who was interested in having the code for it.

Learn from the code:

  • Scrolling through a layout using Lerp
  • How to use the LayoutTransition plugin for nice transitions between layouts
  • How to upload scores to the Scirra Arcade and GameJolt
  • How to have graphic settings for the user to turn off for FPS boost
  • The complicated math behind the shooting arrow while making your shot
  • Random rain effect
  • In game level editor
  • Using the physics engine that runs well on mobile
  • and more!

This is a really nice start of a full golf game that is set up and runs well on mobile devices. Add some new tile sets, more courses, customize it however you want and you got a full game going!

If you haven't tried it out, play the demo on the Scirra Arcade. The code is the entire code, nothing stripped out.

Fully commented!

Plugins included in Zip file

Includes the unreleased Ice Tundra tileset!

Finally, have fun and if you make anything cool with the game tweet it to me at @PudgyPlatypus, I would love to see what you guys make!

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Try out Pixel Golf on the Scirra Arcade!
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