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Pixel Stick Man — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


Tap and hold to set Your Stick's height. This Stick is Your bridge to the next Platform.

For Bonus points, between two Platforms touch the screen, but be careful, avoid crashing with the Platforms.

If Your Stick's hit the red "Perfect Stone", You earn more points on each platforms.


  • Touch/Click to stretch the Stick
  • Tap to flip the Hero between Platforms

Supported platforms

This game works on all platforms supported by Construct 2.

Package Contents

  • Commented Source File (.CAPX and .CAPROJ)
  • Sprites (.PSD and .PNG)
  • Sounds (.M4A and .OGG)
  • A Guide for Variables (.PDF)
  • The HTML5 source

Future updates included for lifetime!

Created with Construct 2 r210 (beta)

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