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Pixelart Zombie Survival Pack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Pixelart Zombie Survival Pack

Everything you need to survive a zombie apocalypse!


9 close-combat weapons:

  • machete
  • fireaxe
  • knife
  • crowbar
  • baseball bat
  • improvised spear
  • shovel
  • handaxe
  • chainsaw

4 ranged weapons:

  • pistol, with ammo
  • rifle, with ammo
  • crossbow, with ammo
  • molotov cocktails

And 21 other items to help you survive:

  • fishing rod, with bait and fish
  • canned food and drink
  • waterbottles
  • ducttape and rope
  • bandages
  • backpack
  • gasmask
  • bedroll
  • jerrycan
  • lighter
  • radio
  • torch, with battery
  • roadflare

This pack contains a sheet with all weapons and items, as well as all items in seperate files. All .PNG files with transparent background.

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