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Post » Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:12 am

Its probably cause its late and i my brain is not working....

but lets say you have a 2D beat em up game like battle toads etc.

and you have a crate in the middle of the room.

So far i've been using a simply translate on the X and Y of the sprite to move it around the level, and collision boxes around objects i dont want them to walk through.

But how do i get them to jump up on top of the box?

Do i put the jump animation into the sprite instead of moving the sprite, and then do some kind of math once its on top of the box to now make the character walk around on the top of the box?

or is there some way to use the platform behavior and create areas like the top of the box for the character to be able to walk around on, in which case, how do you fake the isometric ground of the top of the box?

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