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Post » Sat Mar 29, 2014 5:34 pm

Hi! this is my first post with my first work, done about two years ago. Ive looked for a way to make an animation for our small theatre for kids. We shut down this, cos of costs but i want to show few works for example.

here you can skip to bottom, cos its long :D

So, we started a new performance about one chapter of Narnia or something. (i dont like it;)
So our female boss wants to make it with a 'ghost-like lion' walking on the stage, displayed from computer projector. It was of course my job as a technical staff and a stage designer :/
First this was to be an animation but... The first problem was i can't do it yet and which program and way to choose, and when i learn to do this, it will make a lot of time and tries to programm a lion to walk, where, when and another sh*t. The second problem was: why to do an entire, indivisible, unified animation.
When doing a performance we use music of course. From few to about 30, shorter or longer pieces. Short effects and music. It would be nice to set them one after one in proper lenght and easy to play. But its problem with actors. They always do something wrong ;) so we cant put the music together in case we must play some piece one more time, make it shorter or change the place of some music piece...
Therefore, even good made animation would be useless cos something can go wrong :/
So i started to search how to make an animation with some ways to little control it. It was hard :/
And finally we come to an end of my too long grumbling. Then i found Construct 2!

now comes something more interesting

how i wrote, its made on base of platform game (on first trials the lion even jumped) ;)
the graphic is very simply but hard to draw for me cos i am drawing not good :/
So its white lion on black screen. Of course when displayed from computer projector on dark stage visible is only white... :) but of course you must make your internet browser fullscreen.controls:
(the lion is behind left side ;) ht tp :// s000 .tinyupload .com/?file_ id=00762438163881569194
left and right
up - look up
down - tail
shift - look front
left/right + ctrl - backward
SPACE - talking ;)
1, 2 hold - some writings on wall needed in performance

all is little tilted cos it was displayed from right side of the audience

i hope it helps for somebody
if you try this, you can find a hidden control made for pissing off the bos and making actors LMAO
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Post » Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:12 am

good work - congratulation

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Post » Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:52 pm

Wow! That is such a great idea!

Did you get a video of the play ?
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Post » Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:12 am

no, i haven't any video from this performance i think :(
The problem is, the performance was dark or darker. Maybe some day i find some photos
but its really hard. I am working on second and third project to put here. Maybe soon :)
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