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Post » Wed May 07, 2014 12:54 pm


My plan is to make it possible to hang and climb on edges in a platformer. The problem I got with this is, that it works on the first 2 edges but not on the others. On the third edge the character gets stuck in the air.

Here is the capx:

I would really appreciate it if you could fix this. I don't know why it does not work, since it works on the first 2 edges, it is really weird. If you got any better solutions for the controls and such in general feel free to change them. I know my way might be really bad and complicated.
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You may want to put a more descriptive title on this or many folks who don't have time to read every single thread will just pass it over. If we can't tell what type of issue it is by the title, it will be overlooked in most cases.
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