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I have to admit I am really stuck in the development on my tycoon game project as this is a very important feature :
- Player interactions with the isometric map.

How do I allow the player to change the tiles' properties directly from the projection map? Right now for instance, I need the player to be able to choose the tiles on the map that can grow buildings (like the zoning tool would do in Sim City). Precisely I need events performing this:

1 - The player click on a tile (of the projection map) where building will have to grow. ( :) OK)
2 - The tile on the projection map finds its related tile on the tilemap. ( :oops: NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS)
3 - The tile of the tilemap is replaced by another type of tile. ( :geek: SHOULD BE OK)
4 - The tile on the projection map changes appearance. ( :) OK)
5 - When all conditions are met a building can randomly appear on one of those constructible tiles. ( :) OK)

To sum up: how to make a zoning tool on an isometric map.

I am using the the scirra isometric
After hours of research the best thing I found is this tutorial : - although I barely understand it and have no idea how to translate it in C2.

Right now buildings are randomly spawning on any existing tile when the demand is enough, here's the events :

I am very looking forward to hear any of your ideas guys! :D
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Check out @rexrainbow 's SquareTx plugin. It has an isometric mode that works well for small (less then 1,000 x 1,000) grids.
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