"Player" runs through "Enemy"

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Post » Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:43 pm

I searched a long time for tutorials and forum topics
for help on this issue. I could not find an answer so
I have to ask here:

How can I make my "Player"-platform object
bump into an "enemy"-platform object, and not just
run through the "enemy" ?

Newbie as I am, I tried to give the "enemy" both
a platform and solid behavior, but then it would only
act as a solid, and did not die when I jumped ontop of it. :(
I need my player to be unable to go further
unless he jumps over or kills the enemy.

Heres the event that shows what I have so far.
I used pretty much the instructions from the
"Platform game beginner tutorial"

I hope you can help.

I look forward to using this forum a lot
and construct 2 is my new hobby!Jelektronix2013-01-26 21:46:12
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