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Post » Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:42 am

[quote="lucid":1llw6twt]no service that shouldn't be free (including updating, maintaining, and upgrading their own network, why wouldn't they?)[/quote:1llw6twt]

Well, for starters, they do it better than PSN do. Mostly because they have the money to do so from the price customers pay.

Second, they are also using the money to buy free services like Skype and Youtube, and bring them onto the Xbox where there would be (usually) very little to no money for the companies to do so. PSN has only been adding subscription and shopping services, leaving the free services to use the PSN browser, which will most likely never integrate into other parts of the console.

[quote="Mr Wolf":1llw6twt]One of the most absurd things is paying for DLC which is already on the disc. Capcom has no shame...[/quote:1llw6twt]

Funnily enough, this is probably because Sony would charge them if it was a download...

Heh, just did a search, it was a PS3 version they found content on: [url:1llw6twt][/url:1llw6twt]

[quote="Mr Wolf":1llw6twt]Uh, Jayjay, when you play on XBL, the XBL servers don't really do anything. Game data is sent between the host console and the others and party chat works the same way. MS doesn't do much of anything in that regard. There is the matchmaking service, though.[/quote:1llw6twt]

When somebody is modding or hacking their Xbox, Microsoft are usually able to take action and ban their console. They also allow me to avoid players that cheat so that I don't get matched against them very often/ever again. I understand that it's the game developers who do the actual prevention of hacks and cheats per game.

All of this said, I do agree that online gaming should be as free as LAN when you use the internet to play against other players. However, it technically is with the Xbox 360, just bypass Xbox Live community/service and you can connect through virtual LAN's using this program (completely legal): [url:1llw6twt][/url:1llw6twt]
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Post » Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:57 pm

When ever I feel like playing on XBL I just make a new account, you get a free month when you sign up.
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