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Post » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:50 am

Hey @Yann I know you aren´t as active around here nowadays, but I´ve been using a program outside C2 called Metaplot and was wondering if your plugin could be capable of loading vector shapes made with it, as it exports .json but just in a different syntax.

(Apart from vertex, Metaplot draws lines and is capable of inserting metadata to differ parts of the drawing)

Thanks in advance

Edit: Added a comparison between the plugin´s export syntax and Metaplot´s

Polygon plugin:

Metaplot .json:
"verts": [
{"x": -30.000000, "y": -40.000000, "hasMeta": false, "metaIndex": 0},
{"x": -30.000000, "y": 30.000000, "hasMeta": false, "metaIndex": 0},
{"x": 40.000000, "y": 30.000000, "hasMeta": false, "metaIndex": 0},
{"x": 40.000000, "y": -40.000000, "hasMeta": false, "metaIndex": 0}
"lines": [
{"idx1": 0, "idx2": 1, "hasMeta": false, "metaIndex": 0},
{"idx1": 1, "idx2": 2, "hasMeta": false, "metaIndex": 0},
{"idx1": 2, "idx2": 3, "hasMeta": false, "metaIndex": 0},
{"idx1": 3, "idx2": 0, "hasMeta": false, "metaIndex": 0}
"metas": [

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Post » Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:50 pm

Hey, just curious, @Yann, when you created your 3D application of the polygon plugin, did you just throw in quarternians to tell it where to put vertices? I've been trying to apply it that way, but I'm getting some weird effects. (almost looks like an extra, uncreated vertice?) And the frame rate drops when each poly is drawn. Not by much though, it won't be hard for me to work around that. I'm just curious as to how you applied it.
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