Plugin SDK 0.98.8 released

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Post » Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:24 pm

[size=200:k52sxo8j]Download Plugin SDK 0.98.8 now[/size:k52sxo8j]

This SDK introduces some important changes.

- As usual, new runtime/edittime interface functions added since 0.98.5 are exposed.
- The Win32 Static VC8 (Visual Studio 2005) solution file now opens correctly. Visual Studio 2008 had previously accidentally overwritten the 2005 project file.
- The Win32 Static VC8-9 SDK has an important configuration change to remove a dependency on the C runtime. You should rebuild any plugins you have from a previous SDK using these settings. Only the Linker Input settings have changed; you can copy them to your old SDK if it's easier. Otherwise, some users will receive a "Filename.csx could not be loaded (error 14001)" error message while starting up Construct.

Remember you can find lots of example code on the CVS (Plugins module, Behaviors module).
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