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Police SWAT Officer — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Male police SWAT officer armed with a submachinegun and ready for some action!

The character comes with 3 different uniforms in order to nicely blend in with your game world: Blue, Urban and Desert. You can use this asset in your military/police themed game as hero or bad guy.

Suitable for shooter games, tactical/strategy games, platformers, side-scrolling action games, or turn-based RPGs.


  • 3 different variations of a male police SWAT game character.
  • 14 animation states including: Idle, Walk, Run, Jump, Shoot (standing, crouched and prone), Throw, Melee, Rope, Climb, Hurt, Die.
  • Transparent PNG frames for each animation.
  • 100% customizeable and resizeable vector body parts made with CorelDraw (.CDR, .AI, .SVG included).
  • You can edit the body parts in CorelDraw, Illustrator or Inkscape.
  • Skeletal animations made with Brashmonkey Spriter (.SCML included).

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