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I've mixed a clone of Pong with an Arkanoid-like wall breaker and got a 2-player tablet game.

You can test it here:
Ping pong breaker

And you can download the .capx here:
Ping pong breaker capx

I need some help designing how to determine game end. I have the following options:

1) Game ends when a player has 50% of max points. This would prevent me from adding "double score" special bricks.

2) Game ends when a player has lost all of his/her bricks. Notice a player can get points breaking his/her own bricks if he/she gets the right special).

3) Game ends when all bricks are removed from playfield. Notice this would give an advantage to the "losing" player if he/she has lost all his bricks and his/her rival can't get a "change ball color" special.

4) Timed end

5) When a player removes all bricks, any brick broken with his/her pad will be scored by him.

What would you prefer?
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