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Post » Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:10 pm

Just had a thought while I was debugging. Bookmarks are REALLY awesome in C2 for this.

Maybe incorporate a sort of URL system for the Bookmarks so we can make "Portals" between Event Sheets.

As we are making our apps we can leave little breadcrumbs. Say I have all my keyboard controls on one page , and all of my tool functions on another page.

When I make the hotkey for "Fullscreen" I can leave a "portal" bookmark that leads to the appropriate Event Sheet , and function. It should also work the other way... If I am on my function page, I can click on the end portal, and jump to the keyboard binding event sheet. Works the same way as URL's and Anchors on webpages.

This would make Debugging a snap. It would also relieve my poor aching mousewheel finger. :)

Hope this feature makes it. Some of my sheets are getting really HUGE. It would also make so I do not need the bookmark pallet floating around on my screen.
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