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Post » Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:41 am

mudmask wrote:
Artpunk wrote:@mudmask that game looks really cool! Have you got the river generating randomly on every play?

EDIT: reading back through, there is some epically good work posted in this thread...

Thanks so much - while the river isn't COMPLETELY random each time, it's made of random parts that connect together which make different combinations each time. Every time you go X distance it loads another block of level based on the last block's exit point. Not sure if that makes sense! One of those things I came up with laying in bed.. haha

The grass terrain, the trees and bushes, the clouds, and the little water ripples all appear at random though. It definitely gives the illusion of total procedural generation, but I still maintain control of the various parts of the river so that they're both playable and also look nice.

Yeah what you say does make sense, and its cool! Ive actually just finished a game that uses a *similar-ish* system: infinitely top scrolling, and blocks (prefabs I call them :P) are chosen from a group depending on what the previous one was. Then various elements laid on top of those prefabs are chosen and positioned randomly.

So your game is for mobile right? Will you be putting in ads etc to monetize? Will you be using Cocoon, the C3 build service?
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Post » Sat Mar 17, 2018 6:12 am

@Artpunk - well to be honest... I have a top secret plan for how to monetize this project.... But, maybe if you message me... I'll tell you about it.
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