Posting a completed addon

Completed plugins, behaviors and effects.

Post » Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:10 am

When posting here please ensure that you post the following information and adhere to the following guidelines:

[*:3bomg4z1] Good information about what the addon does! This forum is not for rushed releases with a lack of information; when posting, be sure to give a detailed overview, perhaps with examples, screenshots, etc.[/*:m:3bomg4z1]
[*:3bomg4z1] Remember to include documentation for plugins if possible.[/*:m:3bomg4z1]
[*:3bomg4z1] Type of addon in the topic name. Do this by posting either [PLUGIN], [FX] or otherwise.[/*:m:3bomg4z1]
[*:3bomg4z1] The version number of the addon, if it's an update.[/*:m:3bomg4z1]
[*:3bomg4z1] Any install instructions or help necessary.[/*:m:3bomg4z1][/list:u:3bomg4z1]
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