Potential invert mouse inconstancy

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Post » Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:43 am

C2 r50; Windows XP SP3; FireFox 5.0; ATI Radeon HD 4800


As commented in the cap :
Suspect Invert Mouse events

Expected behavior is that when you left click a Case(sprite, layer 0) and that it's already have a CaseObst(sprite, layer 1) on it, it wouldn't create another one. Though it does.
When you right click, it should create the CasePF(sprite, layer 1) on click, and leave it in place. Though as soon as click is done (even maintaining the button done, not releasing it), CasePF seems to disappear (though it exists in the DOM).Kyatric2011-08-12 05:45:18
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