Preview game: differences between Dialog and Pop Up?

Post » Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:46 am

There are multiple preview settings: popup window, browser tab, dialog.

Are there much differences between them?

• I had been using the dialog option, as the gamepad works with it and it was quick to use, but now that I've started adding in more graphics the FPS has started to drop significantly compared to the other options?

• The popup window is okay, but the gamepad doesn't work though it does with Dialog or NWjs export?
And for some reason has this annoying bar showing, to make space for this it messes up the game resolution by shrinking it.

• Browser tab is not even worth considering since browsers are bloated with toolbars, bookmarks, switching back and forth with C3 desktop app is a hasle etc.

Currently C2's NWjs option beats all of C3's options!
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