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Pro Rolling Hills Tilemap — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Pro Rolling Hills TilemapNeed professional graphics for your games but don't have years of experience? Bring your platformers and side-scrollers to life in pixel art with these tiles.


This package includes everything you need!In addition to the full set of 16x16px tilemaps (platforms, a less saturated background, bushes and spikes) this package includes a 5 layer parallax-scrolling background, 21 decorations, and modular background trees for near infinite variety. As a bonus for purchasing, we've also included some animated sprites needed for basic level design.

Full Details:
  • Full 16x16px Rolling Hills tileset (Grass, Dirt, Bushes and Spiky Red Thorns)
  • Modular Background Trees (Tutorial Included)
  • 5 Layer Parallax Background (Clouds, 3 Hills and 1 Tree layer)
  • 9x Grass, 3x Rocks, 6x Flowers and 3x Mushrooms for decoration
  • Bonus Animated Coin, Door and Button

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