problems with system compare and object picking

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Post » Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:10 am

in the following cap
dragging an A or B box over a 1 or 2 will highlight it as picked
after that if you drag a picked 1 or 2 above the red line it should highlight the A or B box

[u:17cbl5og]click here for cap[/u:17cbl5og]

if you go into the event sheet, and switch around which event is toggled
it behaves differently

there is only one difference between the two events:
the original event uses sprite-compare y position
and the second event uses system-compare sprite.y

should I post this to the bug tracker?

I was trying to recreate the bug from a larger cap where it had more serious effects
it also began with
for every A, pick B
and then after the system-compare, it would pick some unpaired objects that belonged to another pair
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