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Project Genre & Platform
The game is an indie 2D platformer game based on Time attack like ( Super Meat Boy and League of Evil ).

I planned to release the game on PC and Mac(Steam), iOS and Android.

The Idea
It’s about a kid trying to reach areas and find hidden item before time runs out, i am trying to make it simple, fun and good looking design in away to reach the largest possible number of players and ages.

More info about the game and it’s story after the agreement.

The game is near to finish from the code side, i already finish the 90% the game and i need to test the game after dressing the designs to avoid any bugs before the release date.

What I am Looking For
2D artist can make (cartoon style) similar designs made in games like:
League of Evil 3
Angry Birds
Tiny Thief (better choice)

Game assist that i need:
Game objects
Animate characters
Achievements icons

It is profit sharing 50/50.

I will be responsible for any necessary funds like accounts, website hosting cost, paperwork and everything before releasing the game.

If you’re interested, i've got plenty more info and i would love to see some previous work of yours – come say hi at: [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you!
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