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I am a construct 2 developer and have 4+ years experience. You can view some of my projects here:
I prefer to work alone on the coding and not as a team, because it is simpler.
I started out as a free worker(hence the name of the web site) but now I am looking for paid work.
I can accept payment by Paypal. The terms and cost of hiring me can be negotiated.
Note: I can code and not produce graphics and audio, but if offered some, I can implement them in the project.

Please contact me by email: [email protected]

Yours sincerely
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Message: shreya can only post plain text URLS until they have 500 rep. 1 URLS modified. Why?
I'm looking for a graphic designer to re-do one of the pages on my site.
I want images that somehow can improve user session time and attract young programmers.
You can see the page and share your ideas with me.

Page link:
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