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Post » Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:52 am

Hi all.

I have a function to generate my world(2d array), and I repeat it 2 times to get nice result. It takes approximatly 2 seconds to run function 2 times. I will add a few more functions to improve my map generator. So Probably it will take about 10 seconds approximatly to generate world when I'm done with it.

So I need a progress bar. (like minecraft etc) To tell player lands created, players located, height adjusted etc.

So basicly I tried this for my 2 times loop.

But I only see progress bar with 450 width. I can't see 225 witdh after first loop. It freezes until function called 2 times. What do I have to do ?Spider_hip2013-02-23 11:54:03
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