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Post » Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:21 pm

Excel you been going around messing with everyone dont start here please i read everything everyone posted but its not progressing the reason why i am on this site. if they need more info about this game they can message me personally but other then that i dont need the advice i need a Sprite maker and a programmer to help my lead guy so if your not interested in helping then dont post please and thank you
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Post » Fri Sep 06, 2013 4:43 pm

Yes, but with out the "advice" technical hurdles addressed it comes off that the game is more idealized rather than having a solid plan of development. As it is the project you want needs the areas addressed and a very solid direction than "our vision". You need the path to get there which hasn't been addressed.

Have you addressed the networking?

Have you addressed that the game is standard AA release title which usually has 20+ people being paid. Yet ARK is free developement.

Have you addressed that doing Street Fighter controls on a keyboard sorta sucks.

Is your artist seriously going to draw X moves times FPS for 20 characters? In what time frame? Spriter offeres the benefit of tons of animation opportunity at the fraction of developement time.

These aren't just advice. These are discussion topics on your approach. Which haven't been answered.

I think we all want the project to succeed. A solid robust fighting is what is drawing people into thread, but there is little selling encouragement to really get anyone on board. What do you have, can do, why it will work?

And Skyping questions loses a lot of benefit. the benefit of a forum is that any questions you answer hear are now shared. Where as skyping a simple question means the question is unanswered for anyone else.
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Post » Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:05 am

once again i thank you but yes i addressed most of those things , I have a artist who is willing 2 do all those things we have a programmer working hard night and day to get it done so like i said IF you want this project 2 succeed dont you think you should talk to me personally? me and my team is hard working we have a plan and THAT is why we made it thus far i am on this site asking help from skilled people not because we are in desperate need its to make sure we can get this best out this game so Jade and Excl i am thankful for ur criticism and wanting to help me with this game but if your not going 2 help MAKE it i really dont need you on here making me look bad so either help or stop posting here? plz n thxs
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