Project Corrupt if Windows Go To Sleep?

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Post » Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:55 pm

Problem Description
I left my project open had other things to do so the computer went to sleep. I notice if the computer stays asleep for too long( for me 40+min) that when I come back to the project it would not run as it did before I left it. Instead it would error saying objects didn't exist.

What I observe is that I was gone for 40+min but the program auto-saved while the computer was asleep so it corrupted the autosave. Sooo when I load the original file it had nothing that I recently did it only had what I had done from the time I did manually save. I know this because I left about 4:00 pm and just came back now about 4:40 but when I look at the autosave it was update at 4:29 pm when the machine was asleep. Shouldn't it wait until the computer is awake to autosave again??

**Also the size of the autosave once it save is 5.5kb and the orignal file is is 222kb. And from what I have studied the autosave is the whole project packaged up so should be bigger then the project save single file.

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Post » Mon Mar 17, 2014 2:39 pm

Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines. You need to provide exact steps to reproduce the problem as well as the complete text of any error messages.
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