Publishing and Admob questions??

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Hi guys
Ive used Construct 2 quite extentesivly and I'm quite glad theres a new version C3.
However with C2 ive had a few problems and have a few questions for the new build.

Based on this article ... e-now-live

Will publishing be more like it is in gamesalad?
Ie the program itself can sign the APK? full release? That's what it says in the article to my understanding of the article?
Update me if I understood it wrong.

Q2 will admob be intergrated into the program too? so no need for the xdk (which is depreciated) or cocoon?
Admob will work within the frame of the C3 program? Youll only need the ad code from admob insert into C3 and it will work from the program itself?

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