Pursuit and predictive aim

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Post » Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:39 am

I was reading about steering behavior and thinking about best way to implement it and I realize that pursuit may be used for predictive aim.

1. calculate lookahead value - distance/total speed: a)for enemy total speed is player.speed + enemy.speed, b)for bullet total speed is player.speed + enemy.speed + bullet.speed

2. predict future position of target: a) player.position + player.velocity * lookahead

3. fire bullet at bullet lookahead/add velocity in direction of enemy lookahead

hold left mouse button for enemy to start to move

(at first if i set enemy to follow its lookahead he complitly disappeard...but now for some strange reason everything works well)

events are mess, my english too

Pursuit and pursuit based predicitive aim

capxpodpathos2012-03-22 06:20:11
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