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Qian xue CG is an Game Art Outsourcing company ,based in Guangzhou.
We are proud providers of high quality game Art for the CG industry, with a broad range of services including concept Art, illustration, 3D modeling , animation etc.
Our members are come from the well-known game companies like the Perfect World ,4399,Virtuo,Feiyin and all of them had 3-5 year experience in Game Art.
We had participated <wu soul>,<super hero>,<hot blooded 3 kingdoms><adorkable world of warcraft>etc art development.
We know art can take a lot of your time and make it hard to acomplish your deadlines. With our help, you will be able to do more, in less time, at a lower cost, and with the highest quality.
Qianxue as an outsourcer, offers a very wide range of art services, from developing incredible concepts to creating the complete visual aesthetics of your next-gen 3D game:
- 2D Design/3D model design
- 2D/3D Animation.
- Game Concept Art.
2D.3D Effects
contact us:
E-mail:[email protected]
Tel:+86 13412294221
Facebook: Lydia Huang
Twitter: Qianxue CG
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