Question on Angle of Gravity & motion

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Post » Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:25 pm

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So i was hoping someone could help me w/ some gravity angle issues.

I have it so that when a platform behavior sprite jumps from one wall to another wall of a different angle of orientation, when the sprite gets close enough to the new wall, the angle of gravity changes so the sprite will land on the wall it was jumping to. (kinda like if i wanted a player to jump from the floor to the ceiling)

My issue here is when the sprite reaches a close enough distance to the wall to change its angle of gravity, when it does change the gravity angle, the speed of the sprite is retained & immediately changes the direction of the sprite away form the wall.

Here is an example:

Thoughts & comments on this are much appreciated, i'm sure many others are having this issues w/ this.
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